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consulting and training in the commercial area

24 years of experience in the commercial area of manufacturers and retailers

consulting and training in the commercial area


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Consulting and Business Training

business organization consulting

We transform your business operation into the digital world

With more than 24 years in the market serving more than 100 manufacturers and retailers throughout Latin America, you can trust that we know what we are doing. You will receive the following:

  • Detailed review of opportunities and prioritization of opportunities
  • Detailed definition of organizational impact
  • Digital Transformation Strategic Plan
  • Recommendation of the best platform and tools available
  • Intelligent control of the entire operation

Go To Market model consulting

We develop the best strategy to serve your target market

The design of Go To Marketstrategies is one of the best-selling products and recognized by our customers. With functional teams in 9 countries of the region, we know in detail the dynamics and characteristics not only of the Organized channel, but also of the Traditional and Online.

    • Review your business model
    • Integration of physical and online channels
    • Modern segmentation models
    • Service levels by segment
    • Direct and Indirect Sales Models
    • Commercial terms
    Consulting and Business Training
    Consulting and Business Training

    strategic planning consulting

    We help you create bolder Trade Marketing and Key Accounts plans based on the most powerful insights

    Companies that value their strategic planning process, manage to go further and cheaper. At TMC we have developed a model that takes full advantage of existing data in your business to build physical and online channel development plans based on actionable insights.

    whatever your business need

    no matter your size, we can help you

    Courses and diplomas in the commercial area

    We develop the critical skills to continue to grow on physical and digital channels

    All our programs have been implemented for years in InCompany format for large companies throughout the region. Now, we offer the possibility for anyone who wants to delve into the commercial area, to enroll in online courses.

    • Certificate and Diploma
    • Webinar format with dedicated teachers
    • Classrooms of maximum duration 1.5 hr
    • Practical examples relevant to the participant.
    • Q&A sessions
    • Plan to implement what you’ve learned

    Digital Trade Marketing

    Is your team trained to develop sales on the digital channel?


    • Analyze the impact of physical shopper transformation into omnichannel shopper?
    • Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to implement shopper segmentation models and generate insights?
    • Evaluate the different pathways and design robust digital route to market models?
    • Design the omnichannel shopper experience and optimize online execution?

    Shopper Marketing Omnicanal

    Ensuring the integration of experience

    • The Omnichannel buying process
    • The Shopper as an individual. Emotions and their impact on the purchase decision
    • Analysis of purchasing behavior by category and channel.
    • The secrets of the purchase ticket to segment and design more effective promotions.
    • Multisensory Shopper activation
    • Design of an Omnichannel Shopper Marketing Plan, objectives and control metrics.

    Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)


    Cursos de especialización comercial
    • Consolidamos el 100% de los datos existentes


    Caso existan importantes GAPS de información, recomendaremos un plan de acción previo al workshop.

    • Facilitamos 1 día de workshop para construir los INSIGHTS ACCIONABLES más importantes

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