“Their commitment level and professionalism are evident at the delivered results. We received an added value work; they understood our needs and exceeded our expectations. Very hands-on, practical, and efficient!”

Fernando A. Rivera Dueñas
Centam Marketing & CR Manager


We offer our clients our experience when evaluating the best options to promote New Businesses, New Markets and New Locations. We also offer personalized services to boost the competitive Purchase Experiences and to strengthen the Operative and Financial Management of the Business.

New Businesses

We develop for our clients business plans based in TM’s model, which follows the standards required by the leading investment funds and Banks of Latin America, including the most difficult questions that shall be affronted at the financial rounds.

These plans are underpinned in the data analysis, detailing the viability, the desired return, and the investment risk. They facilitate the procurement of funds necessary to make the dream of the entrepreneurial come true.

New Markets

It is a product specifically designed for clients that want to expand their business to new niches. TMC offers a specialized opinion that will allow prioritizing the new markets as per the following variables:

  • Setting: from a comprehensive approach which includes the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental dimensions (PESTLE Analysis)
  • Market and Segment
  • Channel and Store type
  • Consumers and shoppers (habits and behaviors)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the product
  • SWOT Analysis

New Locations


Exclusive for our clients in the Retail area. TMC helps to select the best location for their new stores, after a comprehensive analysis of the business model, the reasons of its existence, its main competitors, the shopper purpose and its shopping behavior.

TMC knows that the location is fundamental to guarantee the success of a good commercial concept. That is the reason why we use our experience and available information to make recommendations. TMC uses geomarketing solutions, combining variables such as traffic (pedestrian or vehicular), demographic density, demographic profile of the area and its development tendency, distance from the competitor, laws and rules that govern the sustainable development of the cities and their municipalities.


Purchase Experience

This product allows producing relevant insights for the development of competitive purchase experiences. It includes the description of buyers’ behavior and their reaction at incentives at the store (merchandising, price change, secondary exhibitions, planograms) as per their profile and purchase mission; and the definition of the expected conduct.

The methodology of TMC integrates the analysis of the tickets of the store, buyers’ interviews, purchase behavior analysis and facial expressions, following the advanced guidelines proposed by Psychology and Neuroscience.

Operative and financial evaluation of the business

It is a product offered to clients that want to be prepared in the event of a possible purchase process of the business, or that want to enhance the quality of the Annual Business Plan of the company.

It includes a comprehensive assessment that considers:

  • The business model: growth engines, force diagram, risks and dependence with suppliers and clients.
  • Financial Management: financial statements, KPI’s and market value of the business.
  • Marketing Management: brands portfolio, innovations, market competitiveness, shoppers and consumers, trends.
  • Operative Management: processes, profiles, structures, skills and capacities, resources management.

We develop business plans for our clients with the standards required by the leading investment funds and banks in Latin America.

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