the behavior of the commercial teams by the fast implementation of what was learned.

Commercial Organization

Our accrued experience and the consolidation of methods based in the best practices allow us to guarantee excellent results in the Optimization of Organizations processes and Process Reengineering. TMC offers broad and prestigious Training and Education programs to strengthen the different business functions.

Design and Optimization of the Organization

This product seeks to improve the business strengths.

TMC does a multifactorial diagnostic which comprises:

  • Identification of elements that might affect the commercial performance levels.
  • Assessment of the structure, skills level, capacities, and effectiveness of the sales team.
  • Analysis of the service cost and sales model used to serve the different segments of the business.
  • Valuation of effectiveness levels and standardization of the rendered services.
  • Evaluation of the necessary functional structures to focus on strategic segments, channels, stores and categories; profiles of technical competencies, and development and training plans.
  • Analysis of workloads and definition of optimal head count.

Our clients receive a consolidated report which includes:


  • Effectiveness evaluation of the commercial organization.
  • Structural organizational chart.
  • Description of critical roles, desired technical competencies, and profiles.
  • Gap analysis, using our Commercial Competencies Dictionary.
  • Specific training and education plan.

Process Reengineering

TMC develops optimized processes by the reduction of execution times and costs, which significantly improves business results and the organizational environment of the company.

We offer our clients TMC´s methodology to redefine:


  • Annual and monthly processes of sales and operational planning S&OP: meeting design (participants, roles and objectives), planning at different levels in the organization
  • Sales Processes
  • Trade Marketing Processes
  • Distributions and Logistics Processes
  • Product Development – Innovation Processes
  • Sales Management Processes

Likewise, our offer produces improvements in processes that might affect the commercial operation, such as Regulatory Processes (corporate responsibility, sanitary certifications, qualifications, among others), Human Resources Processes (recruitment, selection, hiring, development, and termination), and Manufacturing Processes.

In order to ensure solutions adapted to our clients’ needs, we evaluate their actual procedures and determine the opportunity areas, according to the best practices of the market, the channel and the industry. We design the processes map and define the performance indicators.

Training and Education

TMC is renowned for its broad and prestigious high quality programs, dedicated to the training of different business functions. Each one of our programs seeks to create a change in the behavior of commercial teams, by the fast implementation of what was learned. For that purpose, all courses and programs require the participant to make a series of exercises “on the job”, with the active collaboration of his immediate supervisor.

The courses are developed and given by active teachers in MBA´s of renowned universities in Europe and Latin America, which coordinately work with consultants that have an extensive experience in each sector. We offer the best combination between theory and practice. During our entire training offer, the participants are exposed to the best market and industry practices through case analysis.


TMC offers standardized and tailor-made programs. The first ones ensure a fast and quality training. They are divided in thematic modules which allow the participant to take them as per his priorities. They have 16 hours duration.

The tailor-made programs are developed taking into account the specific needs of our clients. We consider important elements such as: competitive sector, offered products and services, competing markets, participants´ level, and the manner in which the course will be presented (classrooms, webinars or video classroom).

We also have a learning management platform, specially thought for those companies that need to train employees located in different geographical areas, which makes classroom training difficult. Our platform allows us to train up to 200 participants at the same time, with individualized programs, informative talks, video classrooms, and webinars given by professors from TMC as well as directors and managers of the company with experience.

Our most sought after programs are:

For the development of technical capacities:

  • Introduction to Trade Marketing
  • Shopper Marketing Fundamentals
  • Excellence in Store Execution
  • Effective Promotions Development
  • Category Management
  • Joint Category Plan
  • Persuasive or consultative Selling
  • Negotiation


For the strengthening of managerial skills:


  • Management Coaching: the executive is assigned a trained coach to prepare him, assess his performance, and create concrete development actions that will help him reach perceptible results, which will motivate him to continue in the process.   


  • External Directors and Managers: consultants are hired to contribute with the development of the responsible executives designated by the business Management. With their external input, without any internal biases, they can improve the daily critical decision making time of the company.

“Working with the TMC team allowed us to raise the level of management and analysis of the sales team. The results obtained are excellent, not only the financial and sales indicators, but also at the strategic thinking level of the Sales Managers and their respective teams. We are very pleased with the work done and willing to continue advancing with the support of these professionals.”

Álvaro A. Salazar, Commercial Lead Director – Pfizer Central America & Caribbean

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