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strategic trade marketing planning

data analysis and strategic planning


We help our clients in the process of creating bold strategies to increase their businesses through physical and digital channels, based on actionable insights and the extensive business experience of our team.




We help our clients in the process of creating bold strategies to increase their businesses through physical and digital channels, based on actionable insights and the extensive business experience of our team.

TMC Consultores has 24 years of experience helping manufacturers and retailers throughout Latin America in the area of Strategic Trade Marketing Planning in physical and online channels.

commercial diagnosis

We identify your opportunities and risks and define strategic priorities based on your strengths and weaknesses

In the first stage of business relationship, we need to understand in depth your needs, your business model, your financial situation, your competencies and competitive advantages, your capabilities and those of your team, your business operation, tools and systems.


With the key figures in your operation and with some clients.


Your commercial and financial performance in the last three years


We evaluate your map of processes, organization, profiles and tools.


Analysis of the country, the market, trends, opportunities and risks.

data analysis

Let us get the most out of the available information from your business


companies invested in IT in the last 2 years


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100 of the data available to make decisions

There are two options for hiring DATA ANALYSIS services

In both cases, services can be contracted once a year to nurture your business planning process or continuously, in which you decide to outsource the analysis of your sales data to the TMC team to focus on making better and faster decisions.

Trade Marketing Diagnostics


We collect billing for the last 12 months of a sample of your customer universe. This service includes the following products:


  1. Baseline: average sales per SKU with no promotional or seasonal effect.
  2. Store Profiles
  3. Shoppers profiles
  4. Promotional recommendations
  5. Segmentation algorithm to be applied to the entire universe of customers.
  6. Optional: Expected billing for each product side displayed in displays and refrigerators.
strategic business planning

Artificial Intelligence

For large companies that have more data, we offer our Artificial Intelligence service.

The competitive advantage generated by this option is related to the accuracy of the results, without human bias in the creation of the hypotheses and consequently, to the greatest impact on the expected results.

All of our AI projects begin with a PILOTO TEST in a sample of the total information for the creation of algorithms and demonstrate the potential benefit extrapolated to the total universe.

Identify your most strategic Shoppers

Resources are limited and companies increasingly have to focus their efforts on those customers who can generate the highest sales volume with the highest profitability.

We only need access to your sales data per customer. The rest of us will do.

What are your most strategic customers?

Continuing to classify your customers by store type and volume is not a competitive advantage as those variables are also shared by your competition.

We create competitive segmentation models tailored specifically for your company, considering the buying behavior of shoppers in each of the stores.

Our methodology allows you to segment your entire universe in a short time and keep it automatically updated with each purchase, through your sales management system.

How much is each product face displayed in the store worth?


Calculating the price to be charged to companies for the space in gondolas and refrigerators of the store is now possible based on the information of the sales tickets your business.

Want to get the most out of every inch of your business?

We just need to have access to your sales system and we’ll do the rest.

What are the most effective promotions by category in your store?

Stopping spending money on promotions and incentives that don’t work as expected is now possible with the analysis of your billing by product.

According to McKinsey, 72 of the mass-consumer companies in the U.S. lose money on their promotions, however, better-designed promotions generate results 5 times higher than average.

We just need access to your store’s billing and strategy by category. The rest of us will do.

trade marketing planning

TMC develops plans to accelerate your growth and profitability by physical or digital channel

Our planning model is widely known and frequently used by large manufacturers and retailers throughout Latin America. Our experience is unmatched. Now, with radical innovations in costs and rapid changes in technology creation and value change like never before, we know that companies need more than just analytical frameworks to succeed.

Trade Marketing Diagnostics


Our customers are predominantly manufacturers of products considered “commodities” that are being heavily affected by the growth of blah or private brands of large retail chains.

We identify growth drivers or engines for the category by studying consumption habits, purchasing and existing category operating opportunities across major physical and online channels.

The result is a concrete plan with necessary objectives, strategies and actions that will fuel The Brand Plans, Product Development, Channels and Key Accounts.

Plan de Trade Marketing


Aimed at manufacturers with extensive portfolios of products and services marketed through various physical and digital channels.

The customer can contract the plan for a specific channel or an integrated Trade Marketing plan, which includes all marketing channels in their portfolio.

Plan content includes the correct ranking of customers for each channel, segmentation for identification of key customers, diagnostic analysis of the current situation of the company, prioritization of opportunities and risks, growth strategy, activities, necessary resources, and tracking and control dashboard.

chart of accounts


Also known as the Joint Account Plan (JBP), it is a product for manufacturers that need a specific plan to accelerate their growth in their core accounts.

We have also done this work for large retailers, who take the lead with their main suppliers by category to accelerate their growth in their stores, giving them the best conditions in return against their competitors.

The result is a concrete plan that is practically transformed into the contract between manufacturers and retailers that will govern their business relationship for periods equal to or greater than 12 months.

models of commercial expansion and franchise

We evaluate the potential of your business and the elements that make it unique and interesting to attract external investment

commercial diagnosis

  • The first thing we do is validate the franchise reliability potential of your business, be it a store or a service;
  • We identify the unique, relevant and difficult aspects of copying taking into account our experience throughout Latin America.
  • We conduct an operational, financial and legal assessment of the existing business to identify a clear starting point and the aspects to be improved to increase the potential for success of the expansion.

processes & manuals

  • We identify products and processes with the highest standard of quality and execution.
  • We describe the key factors to achieve the expected level of quality,
  • We develop the manuals with the necessary level of detail and form to ensure that a third party can easily replicate the same result.
  • We define metrics to assess the quality of execution
  • We design the internal management and control processes of the franchise, organizational structure, responsibilities, skills and capabilities necessary by function; necessary information systems.

business plan

  • Once we have created the expected execution standard and have the necessary support structure, we move on to developing your business’s Sales Strategy.
  • We segment the market of entrepreneurs and investors in the target areas to identify the detailed profile of the target Shopper, with demographic, psychographic and motivational characteristics.
  • We define the Value Proposal with the highest probability of sale.
  • We build the Sales Plan, with clear tracking metrics.

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