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tmc commercial consultants

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Social name: TMC Consultores Comerciais EIRELI

Trade name: TMC Consultants

Social Address: Estrada da Barra da Tijuca 3570, lot 4, quadra 5, Itanhangá. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

CNPJ: 22.140.992/000195

Phone: +55 21 981788488


Domain name:


These general conditions of sale constitute a single contractual document and contain all contractual relations between the parties.


The purpose of the contractual relationship between TMC Commercial Consultants (hereinafter
and the client-student (hereinafter
the student)
will be the purchase and sale of courses and / or online diplomas to companies and professionals, offered on the Website. The characteristics of the products offered are those listed on this website and are obtained by accessing the corresponding title of each course.


The published images do not imply any obligation attached to this contract. No liability will be incurred in case of error related to them.

On the availability of courses and their content

Courses and diplomas are offered whenever they are available. If a course is not available, or cannot start on the scheduled date, users of the website will be informed as soon as possible. If there are no places in a certain class group, the opportunity to join the waiting list will be offered in case there are vacancies. The place can also be reserved for the next available call.

All the courses offered by TMC have extensive material and teaching resources that ensure the high quality of their content for the use by students: content in pdf, self-assessments, technical support, answer to doubts and queries and all the material sufficient to carry out the use of the course.

All Diplomas marketed by TMC are created and taught by TMC and are the intellectual property of TMC. Due to its track record and quality TMC maintains agreements with Universities that offer their certification in an additional and joint way with TMC’s own.
Although such covenants have a vocation and spirit of long-term permanence, TMC cannot guarantee that such conventions may be interrupted, modified or not extended by either party.

All content made available on this PLATFORM is the exclusive property of TMC, and is protected by international laws and treaties, and its copying, reproduction, storage, transmission, display, dissemination, dissemination and editing are prohibited. , marketing, through any type of support that exists today or that exists in the future, whether digital or analog, with infringers subject to the corresponding civil and criminal sanctions, in accordance with the laws of Brazil 9.279 / 96, 9.610 / 98 and 9.609 / 98).

Partial nullity

If one or more of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are declared null and void under a law, regulation or a final decision of a judicial body, the other provisions shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

Payment price

Course and diploma prices are quoted in US Dollars (US$) and include taxes applicable to the day of the order. The price invoiced to the buyer is indicated on the payment confirmation on the website, at the end of the registration process. If registration is done externally to the website, the invoiced price will be the one indicated by e-mail by TMC.

Changes in payment

TMC reserves the right, which the user accepts, to modify its prices at any time, but the courses will be billed from the rates in force at the time of registration of the registration.

Payment methods supported on the website

Payments will be made online. The user will enter the data that he/she asks for in the secure banking platform. Such data will not be stored in any case in TMC. The banking platform will inform TMC of the validity of the purchase. Only in the event that the sale is fully confirmed TMC will give for the purchase and proceed to the process of admission and registration. TMC does not know the reasons for the refusal of the banking platform.

Payment types supported on the website:

  • Online payment by credit/debit card
  • Payment by PayPal (depending on the geographical location, you will be asked or not to create an account in this payment method)
  • Other payment methods are also offered, external to the web. If you request them, a TMC advisor will contact you to manage it.

Incidents in the start of courses

In the event of any incident or delay in the start of the courses, TMC undertakes to make the necessary arrangements to expedite such start.

However, due to the interpersonal nature of our training offer, the student acknowledges (and accepts) that the start date of any course may be modified. In this case, TMC will communicate it to the student involved, offering the different alternatives available and proceeding according to the “Availability of courses” section of this condition.

Likewise, the student has the right to request the refund of the amount paid, in which case TMC will proceed to the refund by bank transfer or by the means of choosing. In this case, TMC will refund, exclusively, the amount that the student paid for the purchase of its course, without any obligation on the part of the company to cover any expenses in which such operation could have been incurred.

Right of revocation and withdrawal (I)

From the date of formalization of the registration, which will be understood as the effective date of payment or its commitment to carry it out, through any of the means of communication with the staff of TMC, the student has a period of 7 days useful to withdraw from the contract, entitled to the refund of all the amounts paid, without completing any formality except the written communication to the email, and without any penalty, except in the cases of the following section. If the above conditions are met, TMC will reimburse the buyer within a maximum period of fourteen calendar days (14) the exact amount corresponding to the payment of the registration.

By enrolling in one of our online courses, the student agrees that he or she has taken note of all program content, price, resources offered and all general features of the service, posted on the website pages There is only the possibility of exchanges for other TMC courses within 7 days of payment made and before the start of the originally selected course.


With the completion of the enrolment, the student declares to be aware of the academic activity developed by TMC as well as to be interested in the realization of the indicated program in which he/she enrolls, whose content, characteristics, study schedules, price, payment method and requirements know enough.

TMC reserves the right of admission to the courses it offers. If the criteria for such admission are met, TMC commits a place in the course in favor of the student at the time when the student completes tuition and makes the payment in the manner described in “Payment Methods”, making available the teachers who, at the choice of TMC, are the most suitable for the correct follow-up of the same.

If TMC does not admit any student in one or more of its courses, the school will refund by bank transfer, exclusively, the amount that the student paid for the purchase of his course, without any obligation on the part of the School to cover any expenses that may have been incurred in such operation.

Student engagements

The student is committed to developing the program with use and to respect the academic standards of TMC.

The student declares to have sufficient computer skills to follow the methodology of this program and to be able to develop it with full guarantees of acquiring the necessary knowledge to obtain the corresponding degree.

The student may not use for purposes other than those of his own training the documentation, technical notes, case studies, activities, etc., that TMC can provide, unless written authorization of the same.

The student is not authorized to distribute, transmit, copy, display, perform, reproduce, license, use the material as a basis for other works, transfer or sell in any way any information, documents, documentation, images, programming code, logos, trademarks, products or services obtained from TMC.

For the correct and complete functioning of the program, the student declares to possess or have access to computer equipment suitable for the specifications of the program, either own or outside, and an Internet connection to be able to follow the online program in which he is enrolling as a complement to his learning if he/she requires it, as well as to maintain it for the duration of the program.

Access to the educational platform is personal and non-transferable. In case of loss or theft of the access key the user must immediately notify TMC, otherwise the student will be responsible for the modifications and uses applicable to his account up to that time.

In the spaces where a social interaction takes place, where the student will be able to pour their opinions as well as maintain an interactive communication with other students the following rules of conduct must be respected:

It is strictly forbidden to harass, violent, threaten or inconvenience any other student or member of TMC. Under no circumstances may any information, data, texts, files, links, programs, communications or any other illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, hostile, defamatory, obscene, racist or ethically incorrect or constitute a situation of sexual harassment or harassment on the basis of sex be sent through the services that the TMC student makes available to the TMC student.

Do not alter the participation of other users in interactive spaces.

Do not send or write any advertisements, promotional or advertising materials, on bulletin boards or in interactive communications.

Do not violate applicable local, autonomous, national, community or international law while using or accessing the TMC campus.

Names or emails obtained through TMC may not be used to disclose promotional or advertising information without express authorization by users.

TMC commitments

TMC undertakes to reserve the place to the student at the time the tuition is completed and make the payment in the manner described in “Payment Methods”, once that student is admitted.

TMC is committed to providing the pedagogical content, teachers and online support necessary for the complete development of the Course in which it has enrolled, according to the chosen study modality.

TMC undertakes to issue and deliver to the student, after completing the course with the completion and completion of all payments of the same, a Diploma or document accrediting the studies studied. This certificate will be sent in digital format. If the student wishes to do so in physical format, TMC may charge an amount to be determined, depending on issuance costs, shipping costs, etc.

Causes of expulsion

TMC has the right to suspend the user’s access to the offers and services due to the violation of the terms of use or under the well-founded suspicion of such infringement without any other indication or reason.

Items that violate applicable law, morality, good manners or the rights of third parties, or that have suggestive, indecent or abusive content will be removed and the user may be blocked for the use of the forums or removed altogether.

If a user violates the listed terms of use, their user account and the links established by the user may be completely removed without providing information regarding the cause even when access has been restored, such as in the case of a temporary suspension

The student may be expelled by the Academic Directorate, on a proposal and judgement of the coordination of the respective program, when he shows serious or repeated lack of discipline, disinterest in learning, non-compliance with minimum attendance to the established program or does not pass the periodic evaluation tests that have been determined in each case. Likewise, the attitude that, in the opinion of the Academic Directorate, interferes with the correct future of pedagogical activity and may cause harm to the rest of the students in the development of the mastery, in a direct or indirect way, will be cause for expulsion.

The falsity, in whole or in part, of the data provided in the student’s selection and admission process shall also be the cause of expulsion.

The expulsion implies the loss of your rights in the course, obtaining the certificate or diploma accrediting the realization of the respective program, as well as the non-refund of the amount of the registration. This same condition will be given in the case of resignation on your part once the course has started.

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to LOPD 15/1999, RD 1720/2007, Law 32/2003 General telecommunications and LSII-EC 34/2002 informs that your data, including your email, fax and mobile phone, to which TMC has access as a result of queries, requests for information, contracts, administrative management, execution and development of the activity of TMC companies, are incorporated into an automated file whose ownership and responsibility is TMC, authorizing the treatment. The use of such data, including email, fax and mobile phone, is also expressly authorized for the purpose of sending periodic communications informing of its activities, news, courses, programs, as well as any offer of products and services related to the activity developed by TMC. The data subject may exercise the rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation, with respect to his personal data in the terms provided in the current legislation, sending an email to

Customer consent

The student understands and agrees that TMC may send communications, newsletters, as well as course and diploma offers, which offer some benefit to the user, and that these communications are considered part of the communication of this PLATFORM. It will be understood that the student-customer accepts the conditions established by checking the box ‘I accept the conditions of sale’ and clicking on the ‘Buy’ button.


These General Conditions are governed by Brazilian law. The parties submit, at their option, for the resolution of disputes and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the user’s domicile.

Final provisions finales

These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy published in, constitute the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter in question, and supersede all prior written or verbal agreements.

The Parties are independent contractors, and this instrument does not result in the creation of any company, franchise, sales representation or relationship other than those expressly provided for in these Terms of Use.

If any of the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use is declared void, in whole or in part, for any legal or contractual reason, the remaining terms shall continue in full force and effect.

The tolerance or non-exercise, by either Party, of any right guaranteed in these Terms of Use or in the law in general shall not matter in the novation or waiver of any such rights, and such Party may exercise them during the term of these Terms of Use.

Notices, amendments, notices or communications relating to these Terms of Use shall be sent in writing, by means of a certified letter or acknowledgement of receipt, fax or electronic correspondence with proof of receipt, by either Party.

The jurisdiction of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) is chosen, excluding any other, however privileged, to resolve any dispute or controversy arising out of these Terms of Use.


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