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Chapter 1: Digital Trade Marketing

Introduction to the course Digital Trade Marketing Concept. Relevance Responsibility areas, objectives and differences vs Digital Marketing and other concepts


Chapter 2: Segmentation

Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to implement a Shoppers segmentation model based on profile, purchasing habits and online behavior.

Guest Company: Illumr (London)

Chapter 3: The omnichannel retail

Digital retail classification variables. Types of Stores: branded e-commerce, dropshipping, horizontal and vertical market-place. Types of clients: digital (pure player), physical and hybrid. Strategic Customers

Guest Company: Cazco Digital (Brazil)

Chapter 4 : Route to Market Omnichannel

Route to Market Digital models – direct and indirect. Integration with the physical model. Margin structure and price. KPI’s – cost of serving, delivery time, coverage and availability, quality of service. Basic and Value-added services.

Guest Company: Zalando (Germany)

Chapter 5 : Basic Omnichannel Execution

Homogeneous product categorization between physical and online channels and stores, omnichannel pricing strategy, coverage and availability, space management, visibility and communication through all sales channels.


Chapter 6 : Shopper Experience (SX o CX)

The Omnichannel Path to Purchase and the design of the experience in each stage of the process, from planning to after sales service. Tools and good practices (Showrooming, Webrooming, Augmented Reality, Beacons, Retail Apps, Retargeting, among others). The quality of service and customer care.


Chapter 7 : Effective Promotions

The integration of physical and digital promotions. More effective mechanics and promotional incentives for the Shopper and Customer. How to reduce or avoid abandonment of the online shopping cart, motivate to buy more, buy more expensive and more frequently.


Chapter 8 : The Organization

TheAgile Digital Organization and the necessary integration between the commercial, logistical and technological functions. New processes and adjustment to existing ones. The design of the structure, the new positions Job profiles and new business capabilities.



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Consultant, lecturer and graduate professor in LATAM and Europe with more than 30 years of experience in the area of Development of Management Models and More agile and efficient Commercial Organizations.


Ceo, Spain

More than 25 years of experience in the commercial area in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Master in Digital Business and electronic commerce at ISDI Madrid, Harvard, Silicon Valey.



More than 25 years of experience in the commercial and marketing area in the Central America, Mexico and Caribbean region. MBA with specialization in Digital Transformation MIT / Digital Marketing Columbia University



More than 25 years of experience in the strategic planning area of Trade and Shopper Marketing throughout Latin America. Marketing and Behavioral Neuroscience Specialist



International Special Guests

Logistics - key factor

File:Zalando-Logo.svg - Wikipedia

One of the world’s largest specialized clothing and footwear platforms based in Berlin – Germany, which has been stood out in one of the most competitive sectors of the moment.

What are the secrets of the success of this “pure player”? Are we dealing with an advertising phenomenon or does Zalando really hide a first-class service?

Types of digital stores

One of the fastest growing marketplace platforms in Latin America, headquartered in Sao Paulo – Brazil. Its greatest strength is in the civil construction materials sector.

They offer all the services that a digital denecio needs to sell online.

What are your competitive advantages over other digital stores?; What are the main recommendations to increase the likelihood of success of a new digital store in the region?

Machine Learning for Segmenting accurately

illumr offers an exciting new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solution for companies that need to understand the behavior patterns of their regular Shoppers and Consumers by analyzing their sales tickets.

We will see the actual case of application of data analysis with the application of its patented model extracted from more than a decade of academic research, which demonstrates the potential to segment with hypotheses free of human bias that are infinafiably more effective than those currently used by most mass consumer companies and retailers.

Is it easy to implement this model in my company?

The power of automatic process control

Controlit, digitizes all processes to control them in real time and with meaning for your business. Eliminate spreadsheets and meaningless data, offering real-time alerts to changes in established standards.

We will present real cases of digitization of sales, distribution and logistics processes.

What are the benefits obtained?; What barriers make it difficult to implement?

Receta sencilla para una campaña de comunicación efectiva

Al momento de desarrollar una campaña de comunicación para una marca, producto o servicio, es básico asegurarse de cumplir con ciertos aspectos que permitirán tener una comunicación efectiva que conecte con…
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Cómo asignar presupuestos a las áreas de Marketing y Trade Marketing

En los procesos de Planificación Anual, los directores de Marketing y Trade Marketing se debaten en un gran dilema, qué proporción de los presupuestos de las marcas asignar y qué áreas…
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¿Cuál es la propuesta de tu negocio?

¿Qué es lo que garantiza el éxito de una tienda? Lamentablemente no existe una única receta para responder a esta cuestión. Y si existiese, no imagino el valor de la respuesta. Sin embargo, puedo describir los elementos comunes que son encontrados en tiendas...

¿Por qué ha sido tan difícil intregrar Consumer y Trade Marketing?

Recientemente trabajamos con un cliente que nos solicitó una evaluación completa y posible reorganización, si fuese necesario, de su función de Trade Marketing. La Dirección sentía que el equipo no estaba dándole el valor agregado ni generando el retorno que se...

Experiencia de compra: De cliente leal a detractor de la marca en un santiamén

¿Por qué algunas marcas que han desarrollado una sólida Experiencia de Compra en el comercio tradicional no han sido capaces de trasladarla al digital? A propósito de las compras navideñas (por cierto, feliz navidad!!!!!) veamos la experiencia On line de una clienta...

Who is this course for?

  • Consumer and Retail Industry
  • Entrepreneurs who sell their products in physical and digital stores
  • Sales Managers and Managers
  • Trade Marketing Managers on the Online Channel
  • Shopper Marketing Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Category Managers

Learning method

The programs are structured in didactic units of 1.5 hours each, using the LEARNING BY DOING methodology, which combines theory and practice. All the learning tools and techniques used focus on real professional life.

Throughout the courses, the participant will work focused on the development of issues relevant to their industry or company.

  • Synchronous online sessions (one per unit – biweekly periodicity)
  • Synchronous sessions are recorded and posted on campus for students who are unable to attend live.
  • Business cases and examples of categories close to the participants.
  • Practical activities
  • Guided discussion forum
  • Additional resources like videos and readings
  • Individual coaching sessions (30 minutes)

Days and Time

START: August 19

Classrooms every Wednesday and Friday

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) 14:00 a.m.
Central america 08:00 hs
CDMX, Pan, Col, Per, Ec 09:00 hs
Bo, Ven, RD, Par, Mia (Fl), Cl. 10:00 a.m.
Br, Arg, Uy 11:00 a.m.
Spain 4 p.m.

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