Shopper Marketing Omnicanal
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Shopper Marketing Omnicanal
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omnichannel shopper marketing

September 7


September 7


4 weeks


8 online sessions


US$ 320

The world is changing rapidly and the way we behave and decide what we buy and consume is one of the main agents of change.

The search for maximum convenience, the devaluation of physical contact and established brands help to trigger the growth of online sales, white or private brands and the need to redefine, as a consequence, the strategy of contact with the target Shopper.

Yes, the world is changing, but we have to continue to sell profitably or our business disappears. In this course we will challenge the current practices of Shopper Marketing and learn how to redesign the strategy to encourage the Shopper to buy more, buy more expensive or more frequently our products.

Learning Goal

The main objective of this course is to learn the most advanced and modern incentive techniques to Shopper through all marketing channels, both physical and online.

At the end, the student will be able to:

  • Establish a clear purpose for Shopper Marketing within the business organization.
  • Significantly increase the quality of Shopper Insights..
  • Prioritize channels of interaction with the Shopper based on their impact on the business.
  • Identify the most effective stimuli and mechanisms to incentivize Shopper by channel, physical and online.
  • Create an Action Plan for immediate deployment.

Module 1: Introduction

Basic concepts of Shopper Marketing and Neuromarketing. Strategic role of Shopper Marketing and its integration with other departments. The 3 basic elements: individual, stimulus and shop.

90min – public classroom

Module 2: Purchase Process

The Purchase Mission. The Process and its stages in the physical and online world. Moments of integration. Measurement and control model.


Module 3: The Shopper

Feelings and Emotions. Personality and Needs. Shoppers Segmentation Models.


Module 4 : Buying habits

Behavior. Habits and their importance. Conscious and unconscious response. Decision mechanisms.


Module 5: The power of the purchase ticket

Shoppers and Store segmentation models based on shopping habits data hidden in the ticket. Basic and advanced tools such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Module 6: Activating the Omnichannel Shopper

The 5 senses and their impact on the perception of things. Positioning and aligned stimuli. Impact of light, color, shapes, aromas, sound, flavors, temperature and textures. Integration between physical and digital channel throughout the purchase process.


Module 7: Changing shopping habits

Model of changing habits. Why is it so hard to change a habit? The importance of the frequent and constant reward cycle. Duration and cost of the change process.


Module 8 : Omnichannel Shopper Marketing Plan

Omnichannel planning model. The 10 most effective tools and the sequence of use throughout the process. Definition of roles and objectives for physical and digital channels. Integration of contact strategies. Monitoring and control mechanisms.



Payment Periods

More than 25 years of experience in the strategic planning area of Trade and Shopper Marketing throughout Latin America. Marketing and Behavioral Neuroscience Specialist



Consultant, lecturer and graduate professor in LATAM and Europe with more than 30 years of experience in the area of Development of Management Models and More agile and efficient Commercial Organizations.


Ceo, Spain

This course is relevant for anyone who needs to increase the effectiveness of Shopper promotions in physical and online stores.

Learning method

The programs are structured in didactic units of 1.5 hours each, using the LEARNING BY DOING methodology, which combines theory and practice. All the learning tools and techniques used focus on real professional life.

Throughout the courses, the participant will work focused on the development of issues relevant to their industry or company.

  • Synchronous online sessions (one per unit – biweekly periodicity)
  • Synchronous sessions are recorded and posted on campus for students who are unable to attend live.
  • Business cases and examples of categories close to the participants.
  • Practical activities
  • Guided discussion forum
  • Additional resources like videos and readings
  • Individual coaching sessions (30 minutes)

Days and Time

HOME: September 07

Classrooms every Monday and Wednesday

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) 14:00 a.m.
Central america 08:00 hs
CDMX, Pan, Col, Per, Ec 09:00 hs
Bo, Ven, RD, Par, Mia (Fl), Cl. 10:00 a.m.
Br, Arg, Uy 11:00 a.m.
Spain 4 p.m.

Participant's Profile

Marketing and shopper marketing executives who require expanding their knowledge and skills related to physical and online channel management

Entrepreneurs who sell their products through physical stores or online.

Why is this course for you?

  • We have taught this course to multinational and regional companies with strong TM functions: Pfizer, Kimberly Clark, Cuervo, Sigma, Grandbay Paper, Florida Beverages, Nicaraguan Brewery, among others.
  • We’ve designed more Trade Marketing organizations than anyone else at LATAM in these 24 years
  • We know the realities, problems and opportunities of LATAM markets
  • Updated with Digital Trade Marketing theme
  • Teachers from Europe and America

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