commercial automation


An example of how we can help you automate your processes and digitally control your business operation.

One of the largest companies in South America, and the fourth largest cellulose supplier in the world with subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

commercial automation

How operating times were reduced, improving the quality of service by 30 and reducing accounts payable by 5 as a result of automation.

Automation CHALLENGE

In addition to simplifying a complex network of processes, a wide variety of data systems and tools de had to be connected: 6 different de GPS providers, databases proveedores de Oracle de data, Oracle, SAP ERP, local Excel files, database archivos datos de Microsoft Access and other de data sources. fuentes


  • Excessive delay alerts in certaingeographic areas
  • E-mails automatic-SMS To The Customers Communicating The Proximity of the The Arrival of the Your Load Panels of the Georeferencing In de el real-time tiempo relacionados (i.e. decir: related to cargo status and/or vehicles) y
  • Infographics with summaries for la decision el making de and control, etc.

our partner in digital process control

Control IT takes control of your operation to the next level

  • Customers buy”control“without having to invest in technology.
  • They integrate all the systems and sources of information required in the processes previously redesigned by TMC Consultores Comerciales.
  • Data flow, monitoring, dashboarding and artificial intelligence services.
  • Customer pays only for the amount of data they consume ($/month)

SCADA system control, reservoir level and market prices through different data sources, delivering alerts and real-time tracking at power generation plants. Improvement and efficiency in production and response times.

Daily control of balances of various current accounts in different banks and accounting consolidation. Process carried out by 2 people each morning. It automates and allows reorienting of these resources in other productive activities.

Control of the use of surgical times in 11 clinics nationwide. Capacity planning of pavilions. Improved resource efficiency and times of use in surgical rooms. Direct impact on revenue.

Control and analysis of fruit qualities in various national packing in real time with dashboard visibility for European importers. It allows to select and control the best qualities according to the requirement of end customer, prior to transport.


Cursos de especialización comercial
  • Consolidamos el 100% de los datos existentes


Caso existan importantes GAPS de información, recomendaremos un plan de acción previo al workshop.

  • Facilitamos 1 día de workshop para construir los INSIGHTS ACCIONABLES más importantes